Race Results


Race Results 


March 30, 2022

April 06, 2022

April 13, 2022 

April 20, 2022 

Happy Customers

Steve’s integrity as a coach is beyond compare. He gives personal time to his clients, organizing team rides, clinics, etc. He really pays attention to my individual schedule and my goals, taking into account personal / career life demands. I’ve only been riding a bike for 2 years; Steve coached me to a 3rd place podium in the Florida State Criterium races.”
~ Ashley R.

They say that the difference between winning a bike race and finishing 20th is only 10%. Well, in one year, Steve has helped me improve my personal best by 25 watts, that’s 10%, at 52 years of age! Over the years, I have trained other ways; there is certainly a difference at Top Step. Improve strength, power, endurance and speed with measurable statistics.

Andy T.

Steve is my personal coach for triathlon cycling. Steve had the experience and temperament I was looking for. I have total confidence in his training and philosophy. Within a few months, my FTP increased +20%, ran stronger and PR’d in many races. Our work together continues …

~Megan B.

Steve’s amount of patience is only rivaled by his knowledge. He is fantastic at rewording a concept in 20 different ways in order to make the light bulb go off for everyone. He makes coaching approachable and successful for everyone he works with.

~Erin L.

My wife and I decided to join a 3 days, 375 miles ride. A friend recommended Steve for the training preparation. We were able to successfully finish our big first event. We have done some bike races locally enjoying a fun and healthy lifestyle. Steve will get you there. No matter how hard it looks … just bring your will.

~Edgar M..

I have known, raced with, raced against Steve for over a decade. He is a relentless and passionate cyclist and coach. He coached me to a Masters National TimeTrial championship. His training skills and instincts are based on years of racing experience.

~Matthew W.